In my work I am fascinated with handblow glasswork. To me the master glassblower is a true magician, using the secrets of earth and fire to create glass. I have been happy enough to work with one of these great talents, a master glassblower from Biot. This village in Southern France is known for its magnificent glass full of air bubbles. The glass tradition in the Provence dates back thousands of years and each creation is unique and handmade.

The idea for this design came about when I saw my kids blowing bubbles. On the other hand ‘Bubbles’ also looks like an oversized necklace. The handblown glass beads are embedd in a chain of high quality Italian brass.

There are two models available, one larger and one smaller.

This product is made to order, normal lead-time 0-2 weeks



Bubbles Large
Mouth blown glass
Brass chain
Dimensions 125 cm x 50 cm

Bubbles Small
Mouth blown glass
Brass chain
Dimensions 95 cm x 40 cm


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