Tell us a little more about your creative process...How did you get the idea to create sculptural objects for the home?

After creating wearable jewellery, I wanted to work on a larger scale and on more timeless and sculptural pieces. This is how I came to create pieces that refer to jewellery, notably through the use of brass. The work is done in close collaboration with European craftsmen. Everything starts with a sketch, then a prototype that we work on together until the final product.

What are your inspirations?

My first creations came directly from the world of jewellery. That’s how “Bubbles” was born, a large necklace with glass beads, then the “O mirror”, inspired by a long necklace. The “Celeste” mobile can also be seen as a large earring. But for this piece, it was mainly the movement that interested me. I like to create mobile and dynamic objects. This is what gave life to the “Domino”: a set of architectural forms that everyone can compose in their own way. The elements can be combined in a thousand different ways. One, two or six candles can be used.... It is a playful object. This freedom of movement is also present in the “Serpentine”, the lamp that can be placed on the floor, on a piece of furniture or hung on the wall.

Where are your creations distributed? Do you also work on demand?

I work with architects and decorators but I also sell my creations by appointment in my showroom, online and in selected interior design shops.