Embrace by Corinne van Havre & Karolin Van Loon

A background in interior design, a fondness of noble materials and a passion for jewelry and authentic craftmanship. These common affinities inspired Karolin van Loon and Corinne van Havre into creating an interior object that reflects their complementarity as much as their respective creative identity.

EMBRACE is the result of the cross-pollination between Karolin Van Loon’s out of the ordinary jewelry collection and the range of delicate sculptural objects and lighting Corinne van Havre produces under her label “Laloul”

With a sharp eye for detail, sophistication and elegance and inspired by one of Karolin Van Loon’s bracelet designs, Corinne van Havre created the epitome of a genuine “object-jewel” and the appeal that comes along: the subtle aura a piece of jewelry should hold when worn, or in this case, placed in your home. Every “EMBRACE” is unique, and the Agates – the signature stones of Karolin Van Loon’s collection - are carefully selected by the designers. The entire production process and hand-assembly takes place in their local studios in Antwerp.

The idea behind EMBRACE has as many angles as its 3-dimensional sculptural shape: a mutual appreciation for each other’s artisanship, a cultivation of a healthy potion of vanity, but above all, a warm manifesto to embrace the person whose reflection is portrayed by the mirror: your.own.true.self. -